Specialty Eyewear + Solutions

Specialty Eyewear
and Solutions

We offer specialty eyewear and solutions to fit your unique lifestyle, including blue light glasses, prescription sunglasses, safety goggles, and treatments for chronic eye conditions. While one-size-fits-all is true in some situations, at Iris Vision Care we know it’s rare that one pair of glasses will get you through every moment of your busy, modern lifestyle. Everyone’s needs are different and that is why we are committed to making great eyewear even better.

Specialty eyewear is a category all on its own that is designed specifically for certain tasks but won’t minimize your vision. Our customers’ most common reasons for purchasing specialty eyewear are for computer use, work, sports, driving, cosmetic reasons, and style preferences.

If you find yourself needing to reduce digital eye strain, enhance your performance, increase eye safety, or just change up your style, give Dr. Sally a call today.

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